A Letter To My Big Brother Who Always Takes Care Of Me

Dear Brother,

I know how surprised you would be after receiving this letter from your younger brother, who is the most annoying person for you on this planet. Instead of our silly fights on every issue, which have become the part of everyday life, I could expect your condition at the moment.

I Am So Lucky To Have You In My Life!


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I couldn’t imagine how life would be without you. The strictness of mom and dad, the mysterious math questions, the cruel school teachers and the bully street guys, you give me the strength to deal with them!

When You Took The Blame Over You!


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I still remember those times when I slammed the door of your room and it fell down, you said that you did it. I still remember when I hit the bonnet of dads’ car and you took the blame over you. I remember the result day of my high school when the Principal called mom to the Parent-Teacher Meeting and you made an excuse about the health issues of mom to receive the report card by yourself.

I Want To Salute Your Patience


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I am thankful to you for being patient at the time of driving, I am thankful to you for being patient when I put the kitchen on fire instead of frying an omelet. I am thankful to you for your level of patience when mom scolded you on breaking half a dozen glasses.

I Feel Protective When You’re Around Me!


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I know that after this confession, you’d probably mock me, but I don’t care! You are the most integral part of my life, as supportive as hometown! You’re more than a blessing to me, who always keeps himself on my right side.

You Are My Only Savior


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Whenever I go out with you I feel fabulously safe and smart, because I know you’d protect me from any harm. I have seen your anger and bad mood when someone says something bad to me. You are the one who defends me in front of my friends.

So thank you big brother for being with me through all the times. I am nothing without you, seriously!

Your little brother

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