A Letter to Momina Mustehsan by a Heartbroken Software Engineer

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I found myself a bit clueless and helpless when I decided to write a letter of such origin. Being a tech guy, I can’t cooperate with myself when expressing my feelings in this case. Words ended when I started to write. I also tried to translate some of Shakespeare’s poems with Google Translate but after translating, they looked like a jigsaw puzzle. Then I realized that they provide tech support, not love support. Or maybe they should take this translation thing more serious. Because that was chaotic.

Nevertheless, I thought I would tell you what I felt and the way we [engineers] are. Because only an engineer can understand other engineer.
While mom was surfing for my “Rishta” everywhere, I saw you. That was when I interpreted that you are the site I was browsing for. After all these unwanted errors of my life, you seemed to have been sent to remove them all. You could be that debugger that I searched for. You could be the library that I missed to run my [life] programs. You could be the best compiler of my life.


Source: popkey.co

You are not just a serene and natural beauty, you look drop dead charming with special [make up] effects. When I heard your voice for the first time, my nervous modules started working softly. My cardiac activity functioned well. The old cache got removed from my memory. I am all smitten with your style and design and algorithm. When I see you smiling, it refreshes all my mainframe processing. All the bad interrupts are tackled easily now.

If you became the operating system of my life, we could do Windows together. Now I have an Edge over Chrome. The firewall might not be strong enough to protect us from all the viruses but I would have hacked anything to protect you from the internal and external threats. You could apply some Math to equal the match. I could be that X you always tried to find. Don’t you think you could compose the melody of our life? I would listen to that till the last dot of my charge [life].


Source: wifflegif.com

After your tweeted about not being engaged, there seemed a chance of logging in to your mind-base. But now I think I will fail and I could crash anytime because I don’t back up. I wanted to be the admin of your [life] page with full support. I wanted you to interpret this message accurately and give me access to your heart. Free of bugs.

We engineers hop companies like people hop subways in Lahore. But all I wanted was [your] company of lifetime. It’s time to face the bitter truth. You connected the node with someone else, my heart is on the brink to crash, but I will pray to God for your happy and well-functioning life. May your life be as productive as it was. May your line never be disconnected from the man you love.

[Heart says, now Momina will knock everyone’s socks off by announcing her relationship status “Single” but this time it’s real. So keep calm and wish her good luck. Brotherzzz]
May Allah bless You. Momina Mustehsan!

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