A Letter To PM Nawaz Sharif From The Bottom Of My Heart

A Letter To Our Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif From The Bottom Of My Heart

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Dear Prime Minister,

I hope you’re having your beauty sleep in your room with the air conditioner working perfectly well for you. I hope you sleep for the rest of your life like an angel and never wake up.

I know you would never even give a thought of reading this but I will still try to let you know that I, a student who has her CIE exam tomorrow morning is suffering because of you. I’m facing electricity issues since morning… all thanks to YOU.

It’s 2 AM and I’m studying in the balcony, using my phone’s torch. Should I switch to my generator, right? But Thank you for giving us free petroleum and generators/UPS. You’ve been so kind in these few years, I honestly want to salute you.

I know you must be busy these days in counting how much money the government has to lootofy from us. I know it’s really hard for you as you might be chilling in China or Saudia or somewhere else and trust me these things are more important than the education of the youth of this country because obviously they aren’t the future of Pakistan and YOU will live forever to torture us. Oops! I meant shower your love on us.

Just a little thing I wanted to let you know that if I fail in my exam tomorrow I will ask YOU to give me admission in the university you never built. You can’t give us a bright future by giving laptops as unfortunately, we aren’t able to charge them.

And yes do remember that you will be questioned on the day of judgment.

Pakistan Zindabad! But if it remained under your supervision I have high doubts of it remaining aabaad.

Thankyou Mr. Prime Minister

Much love,

A girl from the city of lights…

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