Here Is The Stance Of A Doctor On Umerkot Incident

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Dear Pakistani People … !!!

May you live long and prosperous. I have concerns that I wanted to convey. Today, I came across the news;

Umerkot doctor accused of refusing treatment to sanitary worker arrested…”

First of all, let me tell you what we go through with examples and then I will be looking forward to your judgmental comments;

1- When we pass a NasoGastric Tube to a patient and if, for a reason, we have to retract back. It comes out all green with the mucus of nose. IS IT DISGUSTING?

2- When we have to pass Foley’s Catheter in the Urethra. We, ourselves, clean your private part and ensure that urine comes out and sometimes splashing urine us if urine bag is leaking. IS IT DISGUSTING?

3- We have a procedure for examining the anus called Digital Rectal Examination in which we stick our index finger in patient’s private area. Then examine our finger, littered with feces, for many things. IS THAT DISGUSTING?

Source: Doctors Without Borders

Apart from these, you have no idea what GYN/Obs people go through. I can’t say here because it will be inappropriate for our social standards. Many times, after the patient came out of the lavatory, I went in there to check the stool consistency and blood in it. I still remember when we were taking the rectal biopsy of a patient and we had to deflate the gut. All the flatus came over our faces. The calcified feces was falling on our feet.

Can you imagine, how disgusting you would have felt if you were at our place? Guess what, we don’t feel disgusting anymore because it is the part of our job.


Just today, I gave my chair to an elderly lady who urinated in my room due to the disease. I didn’t feel disgusted. I was standing there in my OPD with the fast checking patient standing for around 90 minutes.

And when I came back and saw the news that a doctor was accused of NOT TREATING PATIENT DUE, TO FILTH ON HIS BODY without probing it, I was really heartbroken. I am not defending the malpractice but labeling one whole community over an incident is so unjust.

Dear Fellow Countrymen!

Due to the vicious propaganda of News Channels for their Ratings, you have lost a lot of caring doctors who no longer care.

Maybe one day, if something similar happens to me, in spite of my caring behavior then maybe on that day my self-respect will win from my caring nature. On that very day, for me, the patient will turn from a “SICK HUMAN” to a “SICK BODY” where I no longer will be able to show my empathy rather being apathetic.


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