A Jewish And Muslim Guy Kiss In Madonna’s Latest Instagram Post! Disgusting or One Love?


Madonna posted a picture on her Instagram a photograph depicting a Muslim and a Jewish man about to kiss. She captioned the photograph with a heart emoji and the hashtag #rebelhearts.

Different reactions were seen right after the image was posted on the instagram, some believed that the image was contradictory to the core principles of their faith, while others demonstrated an open minded approach towards it. The image was supposedly meant to spread the message of love.

One of the commentators said that Islam does not support homosexuality and if someone wants to pursue this practice, they don’t have to be Muslim then.

While others were open about this idea. One commented that the picture simply portrays love between two human beings and if it is causing a commotion, people have a lot of time to spare and nothing better to do.

This article was first Posted on The Jerusalem Post

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