A Heartfelt Statements From Wasim Khan On His Resignation As CEO Of PCB

Wasim Khan heartfelt statement resignation

A few days back Pakistan Cricket Board’s Chief Executive Wasim Khan resigned just like Misbah and Waqar before the term contract ends. Wasim Khan gave a heartfelt statement on his resignation as the CEO of PCB.

It was surprising because no one believed that this would happen and people were expecting a long run of Wasim with Ramiz Raja newly appointed chairman.

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Wasim Khan had a great time at PCB and performed his duties with full dedication no doubt that. But as the sources at the time of resignation claimed that “he is not happy” with no further details. PCB chairman and other members were about to hold the meeting regarding Wasim Khan’s resignation.

However, after holding the feelings Wasim Khan has finally spoken about his journey and somehow the reason behind his resignation.

Few days left for the T20 World Cup and such sudden resignations would affect the PCB management.

Wasim Khan’s Emotional Release Statement

Wasim Khan who was appointed by the former PCB chairman Ehsan Mani from the Leicestershire England country team.

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It was a big thing to sign Leicestershire’s CEO and PCB did play a smart move. But couldn’t retain him for long.

Wasim Khan took out his emotions and took it to LinkedIn where he wrote a heartfelt statement on his resignation, it was “an honor to have served” a “beautiful country full of generous and loving people”.

“As a British Pakistani and a former professional cricketer, I committed to moving to Pakistan just under 3 years ago, so that I could contribute to improving the global image of the PCB and the country.

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I aimed to contribute to the betterment of the game under the spotlight of a cricket-crazed nation of 220 million people,” said Khan.

“Bringing international cricket back, mixed in with sleepless nights dealing with crisis management, or averting a potential crisis, and navigating through highly politically charged situations were just part and parcel of the exhilaration that came with the role,” he added.

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‘I Made Mistakes’-Wasim Khan

Further, Wasim Khan expressed the mistakes he did on his term. “I made real-time judgment calls and got some decisions wrong, but being at peace with myself during intense media scrutiny following decisions, allowed me to deal with what I didn’t get right in an honest way.”

“I am grateful that my experiences taught me the art of peripheral vision and helped me to develop political intelligence” he added.

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Concluding the statement he said, “Pakistan Cricket stirred my soul like nothing else. I feel privileged to have played a small part in its history.

In a couple of weeks when I fly out of Lahore, heading back to England, I know that I will feel nothing but gratitude and love for the fans of Pakistan who embraced and supported me throughout my time.”

It looks like Pakistan Cricket Board didn’t put any effort to bring him back. As the Board of Governors of the Pakistan Cricket Board had unanimously accepted Wasim Khan’s resignation.

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