A Habit, Not A Sin [Poem]

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They make masturbation a sin
Forcing you to go and seek hideouts
To explore the brighter side of your personality,
Behind walls, boundaries and cages

Where darkness rules
And brightness follows,
How can you expect to find brightness behind the thick veils of darkness
That covers everything whether you want it or not?

What for?
Just for some bloody religious rituals?
That have nothing to do with religion
That are so obsolete that

Even their period of obsolescence has crossed ages
Why do you want to incarcerate people?
Just because you are not courageous enough to explore yourself
Or you are insecure that people will know about themselves that you don’t want them to do?

Or because you don’t want to lose a grip over their weak links
That have always been a matter of pleasure for you?
You hit upon them and get happiness
Till when will you keep selling the emotions of others for your pseudo laughter?

A laughter that reeks of insecurity, arrogance and narcissism.
But wait, are you really a narcissist?
I doubt that,
Since your narcissism is not confined to yourself,

It is molding into conceit and pride
That one gets by devouring upon the griefs of others
But what are you getting by doing it all?
Just an emboldened pseudonym?

Well, you are mistaken
You are getting nothing,

Not even something that directs you towards a supernatural being
Whom you refer to as God.
You know something,
He is not as boring as you think

He also wants to get pleasure in every possible way.
Don’t cage his immortality into boredom
Don’t you dare!
His happiness is not mortal like you, diminutive figure

Had he been a human,
He would be the biggest hedonist in the world
Defeating all your defected notions
I challenge you!

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