Due to Pressure from Parents, a Girl Tried to Commit Suicide because of her A-Level Grades!

Bullying is real. Some are affected by it mentally, some physically. Our society doesn’t realize that the burden of their “expectations” from their children can be life-threatening for them. They are humans after all – humans with a breaking point.

Each human comes with different sets of talent. Our society, however, chooses to neglect these talents, the wishes of their own children, for something they believe is better. There is a constant pressure climbing on the weak, helpless shoulders of these same children. The mounting pressure is imposed by the society – to earn more, to get more grades, to have a bigger house and what not.

The term “enjoy” is eliminated from the lives of the children by their parents, causing mental and physical instability with their constant hogging. Shared on Twitter by Junaid Akram, a student in Karachi tried to take her life away by slitting her wrists. The cause of her attempted suicide? Not securing good enough grades in her A-Level exams.

Upon enquiring, Junaid shared that the student was taken to South City Hospital.

Junaid Akram Further Added How this Mounting Pressure by Our Society Needs to Stop!

The Way our Parents Compare Two Siblings is Awful!

A Competition Where YOUR Children are Suffering

With Love…

Not Okay!

Absolutely Correct. This is How the Children Will Understand their Responsibilities – Not by Constant Pressure

“I Won’t Do Freelancing. It is For Girls!”

We Need to Set Our Priorities Right!

A Living Trophy


It is indeed important for us to teach our younger generation how they need to tackle such situations. Few years down the lane, these grades won’t even matter – your skills and talents will. Our parents need to understand that their children are not money-generating machines!

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