A Girl In Lahore Was Groovin’ In A Metro Bus And People Couldn’t Handle It!

Dance is a form of yoga and loosens up the body. People take their stress out by dancing and sometimes express their happiness; call it bhangra 😀 Come on! How can you forget that one aunty in every shadi who forgets that her mian is strict and all her life she wanted to dance free but now she has a valid reason that, her bhabhi’s sister’s brother-in-law’s son is getting married and she’s happy! Hence, she’s dancing like anything.

Dance actually makes you feel free-spirited, one of the best examples for the prior sentence would be best explained by the video that went viral on the internet. Where this unknown girl took a metro bus in Lahore and just when she entered, she made sure that her presence is acknowledged!

Want to know what happened? Have a look!

So, she entered the bus and played some songs on her phone and started dancing, it is said in the video that she did that for begging and quite a few women even gave her some money, but something is fishy!

This clearly doesn’t seem like to be the case of begging, plus why would she dance for asking money. Well, Pakistanis are pretty generous in taking out money to give the needy. No? For sadqa and nazar purpose. 😀

The girl was asked to stop dancing, and leave the bus at the metro stop. But still, nobody knows how much did she actually earn?! Hehe!

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