This Ramadan, Try To Change Your Behavior Instead Of Eating Habits

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In these hot days of summer, we are feeling the temperature rising up to 40 to 45 degrees in urban cities of Pakistan. We are living in a Muslim country and practicing Islam which is the religion that teaches us peace, humanity, and humbleness.

During these days of Ramadan, what we witness is “fuss” everywhere, we may be fasting but wants to reach early at home, not considering the pedestrian on roads or a motorcyclist who cannot exceed the speed of 70km, honking, driving carelessly just to get on time.

Source: BBC

If we are fasting why there is a need of doing all this which may cause injury to somebody, we don’t think much about others and only think about ourselves.

When it’s about Iftaar, we can witness huge traffic jams due to wrong sided cars, everyone rolling over to get ahead even for an inch, we don’t stop on signals and mostly try to cross when it’s “RED”.


The crust of Ramadan is to nurture yourselves, try to do good deeds and I bet only if we can try stopping our cars on signals we can feel the difference in our behavior, our nature, our driving and feel calmness within ourselves and this is what Islam teaches us, not to harm anyone with your hand, tongue or feelings.

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