A Day to Remember, A Day to Live [POEM]

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How easily you rest your heads on your pillows at night, how swiftly you bemoan shortcomings and dissect and criticize? As you swallow your victuals and walk the streets and go about your daily businesses without fear for your safety, do you realize you can only do any of these things because of the guardians who spend sleepless days and nights protecting your freedom? Your life carries on, and it goes on only because your skies and frontiers and seas are guarded by men and women sworn to defend this land against all evil and all enmity.

The 6th of September is one of those few days when we deign to remember the stories of our shaheed and ghazi individuals who stepped in the line of fire and gave their lives for us to have ours.
We celebrate the spirit of their sacrifices for a week or two every year but rarely do we act upon the lessons they left us with. This year I implore the nation; pay tribute, sing songs, change your profile picture, that is all well and good. Along with that however, we need to embody our martyrs’ legacy of sacrifice and perseverance the other 364 days of the year if we are to live (not survive) as a proud nation.
A Day to Remember, A Day to Live (A tribute)

A country newly born and raised
A people peaceful and unfazed
A blanket of darkness did prevail
The silent night a shroud, a veil
That day on the 6th of September


Source: lubpak.com

A Day of pride, to remember
Hidden by the night did they strike
At midnight came death, war and strife
A force like hail and relentless rain
Strength in numbers, cold and untamed
That time on the 6th of September

A day to mourn, to remember
A nation they thought was asleep
Was ready to fight, to succeed
Eager to defend, live and bleed
To expel the malice and the greed
That night on the 6th of September

Our love and unity, to remember
The scent of fire, blood and smoke
Their guns sounded, our soldiers spoke
A voice of courage and kindled flame
And thus the lamb and lion were renamed
That moment, the 6th of September


Source: mypakistan.pk

Our brave devotion to remember
Tea in Gymkhana their general craved
Did he know Aziz Bhatti stood in his way?
Superior on land, in air, by sea
But paled by our soldiers’ competency
In the wake of battle, we bled and died
Our brothers fought, our sisters cried
That day on the 6th of September

A day of valor to remember
Our young and old, who gave their lives
And raised our colors to the skies
A bullet to the chest to defend our land
Our blood, spilt on the border sands
That day, on the 6th of September

Our sacrifices, to remember
Our martyrs, with immortal souls
They live in our people’s thoughts and hopes
We keep them alive, sing their praise
We tell their stories, tell their names
Today, in the midst of September

Today, when we all remember
Never to die, never to fade,
Their spirit of sacrifice will remain
We will keep it alive, keep it awake
Stay united, stay strong, and never break.
The spirit of this day is in our hearts
And that spirit says PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

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