A COVID-19 Hero – Pakistani Doctor Promotes Acts Of Charity!


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I wish to honour the story of a person I know through this article who has been contributing to a good cause during the ongoing lockdown in the most unique way.
A recent graduate of Rawalpindi Medical University, Dr Muhammad Sheharyar Khan took upon himself the responsibility of the students in the final year of MBBS; he teaches medicine completely free of cost.

The only payment for his lectures, as said by him, is “An act of charity for every lecture you take!”

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He has a total of 88 students right now, and he takes their classes twice a day. Moreover, he has urged all his students to do charitable work in one of the following ways:

  1. Give food to someone in need.
  2. Donate money for the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment for Doctors.
  3. Smile at someone and brighten up their day – he believes it would have a good impact psychologically during the lock-down.
  4. Donate blood for thalassemia stricken children; who are suffering a shortage of blood donations due to the lock-down right now
So far, he has given a total of 16 lectures which means more than 1400 hundred ‘Acts of charity.” He reads all the course books and prepares his slides.
In a time where our professors are busy dealing with COVID-19 and there’s no one to look after us, Dr Sheharyar’s thoughtful self-initiated these lectures completely free of cost. He also records his lectures and posts them online so that they are accessible to students who have limited internet connection.

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As a result, he puts a lot of effort every single day.

Right now society does not understand at what loss medical students are. We are losing the precious, that too in the most crucial year (only 10 months away from dealing with life and death.) and even amidst this, Dr Sheharyar has stepped in to save the future of the field.

When the lockdown started, we were confused and worried because we have a huge syllabus to cover and finish at a given time; as rotations in hospitals start on fixed times. While we were all left helpless and unable to decide how to deal with the stress, Dr Sheharyar was there to save us. Not only is he a great teacher but he has also truly been an all-rounder all his career.

Here’s a little bit about our hero!

Dr Muhammad Sheharyar Khan, when in his 2nd year of MBBS went to the USA on 100% scholarship. He earned the honour of Global Business Institute Scholar from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, USA; currently the 4th best business school in the world.

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When he was in his final year, he was given a chance to represent Pakistan at the International Students’ Festival in Trondheim, Norway on scholarship. Along with his MBBS degree, he also has a Bachelors in Science from Punjab University. Furthermore, he was also awarded an outstanding alumni award by the British Council, Pakistan and Cambridge International Examinations.

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In his university life, he was the President of the Debating Society and also the Trainee Editor of our University’s Research Journal. Right now, he’s studying Artificial Intelligence at the Prime Minister Artificial Intelligence program. As a result, he would be the first MBBS graduate in the history of Pakistan who will have skills in Business and Artificial Intelligence along with a Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery.

He is a source of pride and inspiration for all his juniors and deserves appreciation for the contributions he makes to the society and to those who are around him.

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In this time of lockdown, he’s a source of positive energy for all of us, through his daily lectures. Indeed, we all are indebted to him. He is going to start his house job on 1st May 2020 and will be one of the front line warriors in this battle against COVID-19.
As much as we all want him to be safe, he’s more than determined to serve at the hospital. In addition, he talks to us about it daily and all we do is pray; that he remains safe because he’ll soon be a huge asset to this country.
We love you Sherry Bhai,
Aliza Sultan
Final Year Student
Rawalpindi Medical University
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