A Couple Vandalized Khunjerab Top and Pakistanis are Definitely not Happy with it!

Tourism in Pakistan is one of the most beautiful aspects of this country. People who have been to the Northern areas of Pakistan know how the beauty of this country is not less than any other country. Regardless of how Pakistan is blessed with natural beauty, the focus of the government bodies in charge has not always been the most towards the tourist sector.

Essentially, this is why whenever the traveling season begins, we often see how these beautiful lands are tampered by the locals. Pictures are shared all around the social media how locals ruined the beauty of the particular area – urging them to stop doing so and requesting the authorities to take charge.

The Problem Isn’t Any Authority – It Lies Within Us

Each year we see how locals leave all their trash after visiting the sea in Karachi. That being just one example, here’s another example we have for you:

A couple which went to Khunjerab Pass wants you to know they were there and how do they do that? By spray painting their name on the pass.

Here’s What They Did

Facebook page: HUNZA

To Mr. and Mrs. Sohaib – No One Cares!

Pakistanis were furious to see this sort of vandalism, especially knowing tourism is one of the emerging and beautiful aspects of our country.


On the other hand, there were many locals who shared that this nothing to be furious about as wall-chalking is not a big deal in the North of Pakistan

Two wrongs don’t make one right – we can’t defend the act by speaking how wall-chalking is already not a huge deal in the North allow this. Be it this couple or any other person, the act of vandalizing is wrong!



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