This Pakistani Couple Dared to Paint the Walls of Karachi and it is Pretty Badass!

Karachi is known to be the city of light but its walls aren’t that bright. They are either used to get votes or endorse something in the cheapest way possible. Well, both of the reasons don’t seem to benefit the citizens, but still, no one seems to do anything about it. Everyone has kind of accepted the bizarre looking walls as a part of this beautiful city.

However, a newlywed couple, Marium Kamal and Safwan Subzwari, were irked by these grey walls which made them turn these into a piece of art. The couple said: “We really wanted to just start a conversation about the city, its people and about art itself. Ever since we began doing this, we have been receiving a much more positive response from everyone who comes across it.”



Both of them, being art students, strongly believe that art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness. Hence, they have started their journey of adding life to the dead walls of this city. They have covered numerous walls with spray paint that depicts their amazing artworks that have no specific message to it. Subzwari said, “We don’t want to send a political or social message with our work; it is just art for the sake of art”.

The couple plans to use more colors, stencils and different sorts of symbols in the future. But for now, their basic goal is that Karachiites develop a feeling of change as they see a combination of orange and blues somewhere. “We want to take back public spaces because they belong to people at the end of the day. Our creative process is simple: we grab cans of spray paint and head out in our car to find random spots to paint.”


They haven’t been funded for any of their work so far, but are still trying their level best to build a fabulous portfolio that they can present in the United States. Kanwal explained, “We plan to travel to the US to showcase our work as they are more open to this kind of thing over there, you see. This is not just another art project for us; it’s how we feel about our city on a daily basis.” Till now, they haven’t been stopped by any authorities, but it should be made clear that public place belongs to the public including the street artist who should be allowed to showcase his/her work.


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