Meet Muhammad Soomar – A 9 Year Old Candy Seller Who Landed In School After His Photo Went Viral!

A dream come true; passion triumphing over poverty and poor circumstances with the power of social media combined. 

This is the story of a young boy who sold candy at a public library in Larkana early morning and with the help of social media, he earned a seat at a reputable school’s classroom. 9-year-old Muhammad Soomar, belonging to a poverty-stricken family sold small candies at the Shahnawaz Bhutto Public Library Larkana. This little boy who would earn a living for his family helping his father who cannot walk had a fiery passion for education. He was so eager to learn that he successfully persuaded a regular visitor at the library to teach him how to read and write.

Via Eastwood Grammar School

Soomar would often find himself the time to study at the library in between his work as a candy seller; by morning working hard to make a living and by the evening focusing on his lessons.

A picture of him completely engrossed in a book in the CSS hall taken by a nearby student went viral when he uploaded it on his Facebook page capturing the attention of a kind man that decided to change the fate of this hardworking child whose family couldn’t afford to educate him or any of his siblings.

The picture of Soomar that went viral over the internet.

Via Eastwood Grammar School

Ahsan Abro, owner of The Eastwood School located in Sachal Colony of Larkana city decided to track Soomar down and with his tremendous efforts in not only finding this talented boy but also convincing his father to let him get an education, awarded him a fully paid scholarship.

Via Eastwood Grammar School

“I thoroughly checked his books and found him to be an intelligent boy,” said Abro. His father and family were opposed to the idea of Soomar receiving an education as they barely make their ends meet and with Soomar off to school will make it even harder for them. “Now, I have to look after all the financial matters of my family,” said the father. However, they finally agreed to let him attend school.

On Monday, 19th of August Soomar attended school for the first time in his life.

Via Eastwood Grammar School

With the help of the evening tuitions, he was receiving from the students of the library including his own yearning for education, Soomar actually made swift progress in learning the basics language skills in English, Urdu, and Sindhi.

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This isn’t all Abro did for Soomar, to keep his parents’ worries of earning money at bay, Abro said, “We’re trying to arrange a part-time job for the boy so the family will allow him to continue his education”. Furthermore, the owner of The Eastwood School is trying to arrange tuitions for him so he can catch up with other students.

Via The Eastwood Grammar School

Muhammad Soomar has big dreams and his dedication shows that not only will he cover the syllabus in time but will go far in his life achieving all of his dreams.

The owner of the school addressed Soomar’s dreams and you could see the sincerity in his words and intentions. He said, “The boy wants to join the army. His aims are so high. He seems curious to learn”. Adding to this he said, “We want to help him realize his goals”. The help in creating a difference in Soomar’s life didn’t stop there, the school management provided Soomar with uniform, books and necessary stationery.

Via Eastwood Grammar School

This is an amazing story and this goes to show that there are still great people out there lending a helping hand to the poor, who deserve a better lifestyle and right to quality education. Thank you Mr. Abro for returning our faith in humanity. We hope there are more organizations and people that provide the children of the poor with equal opportunities to earn a decent education.

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