The Story Of This Shuwarma Guy Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

There are a lot of people on this planet and the way I see it, there are more good than bad people out there. The more people you meet, the more new & different things you get to learn and the better you become. Out of the coolest bunch of people I have met in life, Mr. Zahid Khan is the best person so far. Zahid used to sell Shawarmas ( Taste & Tell stall ) at Pharmacy Canteen (University of Karachi)

When I approached canteen today with my friend, Mr.Zahid was busy in making Shawarma for himself as he was so busy all the day that he didn’t get time for his breakfast. Seeing him so respectable towards his customers, we asked him if we could take his interview and he gladly responded us with YES!

Here’s a little glimpse of his story in his own beautiful words :

“My good name is Zahid Khan. I pass out from Karachi University Economics department in 1996. I have been working as a Chef since many years. Once I used to be a well-to-do businessman. But I possessed a bad trait that I easily trusted everyone. Bad trait, because people deceived me a lot and I faced many hardships in my life because of this. I lost my business and I was jobless. I still remember the day of my wedding when I was wearing an expensive dress. I got a call from a well known Bank of Pakistan at a very good post, but I got so much weak physically as well as mentally that I failed to continue it for so long.

Afterwards, I went to London for further study, but due to some circumstances, I stopped my education and I started working in London. There was a girl in London who was my very good friend. She loved me and supported me so much but I don’t know why I never fell in love with her. I always considered her as a friend and to me, she is the best women in this world, I respect her a lot. I also went to Malaysia. I worked in Clubs and Bars, I have served as DJ and Vine maker too.

One day when I was sitting outside the bar, a Chinese lady came to me and asked me, “Are you waiting for champagne out there?” I replied, “No, I am jobless, I want to do work”. She asked me can you do mopping. I replied, “when to start the work Madam?” Hence, I cleaned the floors and washrooms, I even removed vomiting and right after 15 days of job that lady posted me to general manager at her shop because I worked hard and I was so fluent in English language. I was all alone in foreign. I use to write my diary. I love poetry. Deep inside my mind something is striking me continuously that I have to leave this environment and go back to my country. And finally, the turning point of my life came when in Ramadan I was on my job at a Bar with a piece of date in my pocket.

The bar was badly filled with cigarette smoke and pungent smell of wine. Youngsters were dancing on loud music at crazy jingles. A friend called me and asked, “Zahid have you broken your fast?” As one hour has passed away since Maghrib time and due to high volume of music I failed to hear Azaan so I was one hour late. I felt so ashamed. So I finally took a big step and came back to Pakistan.

I started to work as a Chef. People didn’t support me but their harsh words made me strong and confident. Now I am so ambitious about my work and never underestimate myself as I am earning my living and not begging in front of others. Sometimes the survival is so important and you have to go with the only choice. I am blessed with a family of three darling children and a caring wife. I have to survive for them. My daughter is my doll and she is so precious to me.

By the grace of Allah I am earning a handsome amount of money with three Shawarma stalls at different places and I am also linked with different companies for their food. I catered many events at DHA too. I am educating my children. I also have a Premio Car at my place. I am standing on earth, but my wings are now touching the sky. I never stopped struggling as Hazrat Ali R.A said: “Run fast, if you can’t then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl and if you can’t even crawl then at least feel it.”

I strongly believe that a Muslim is not recognized by his outside appearance but by his supreme nature. Prophet S.A.W.W. spread the message of Islam by presenting good deeds and honest nature.

My message to everyone is that:
Change needs to happen at ground level. The two things I believe in the most are empathy and gratitude. Those will get you so far in life. Elevations and depressions are part of life don’t get scared from them. Always be grateful and kind. Express yourself and support others to do the same. Affiliate yourself with a cause. Help others. You will surely go to Paradise. The purpose of life is a life with a purpose, so die for a cause than live a life that is worthless.”

He farewell us with a good wish that may you and all my daughters in this world stay safe and protected.
It was really a good and unforgettable conversation.

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