Zaid Ali’s Recent Tweet Has Offended Many Pakistanis And Others Are Questioning Why

TWITTER WAR! Oh, yes. From last few days, Twitter is just completely filled replies of Reham and Zaid. Reham Khan, as we know, has snatched all the botis of PTI and Imran Khan. By that, we mean peace! Though they don’t really care much about what she’s been saying so far but the fans and all the other pyary Pakistani are pretty much offended by what she said.

Reham has offended people by telling almost EVERY personal detail about Imran Khan. Not just that, but details of relatives and friends of Imran Khan as well. She wrote about people who she met during their marriage of barely one year like baji? Bas kar jaein. Along with that, she offended Jemima Goldsmith, by writing about her son where Jemima tweeted she will not let the “Libellous” book get published. Alas!! It got published, it got sold.

But coming back to the Twitter war, Zaid innocently tweeted one day that his only dua before bed is that he may never end up having an ex like Reham Khan! AWWW.

To which Reham said that I pray that you never have to live with a drug abuser and a cheat. WOAHHH! Ladies, she talkin’ about IK. Okay?

Zaid got badly offended by Reham’s tweet and started saying that it’s actually you(Reham) who seems to be under the influence.

Apparently, because Reham deleted her tweet later


HAHAHAH. Really? Oh well! Pffttt

This tweet of Zaid caught fire and many people on the internet bashed him for what he said

So, the point is Mr. Zaid, she too is wrong by publically opening IK’s life and kabab platter but how does that make you any right. Uttering such whataboutism will not take any place better.

Come on!! Accept that you did wrong. Stop beating about the bush



No hate please, that’s the whole point

Can’t agree more


WOAH!!! That’s was good

*Tries escaping*

The problem with people when trying to be the best of moral police is that they forget that line of ethics. It’s fine when you want to teach someone a lesson (though you don’t know them). But be careful when you started disrespecting someone, and later when you are taught behave don’t tell them that they did the same. Not a sane argument!

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