This Hindu Girl Was Beat Up By Indian Police For Allegedly Choosing a Muslim Partner

This Hindu Girl Was Beat Up By Indian Police For Allegedly Choosing a Muslim Partner

In a world where free will and freedom of choice is chanted everywhere; the increasing awareness of human rights has now made people little aware than before! Agreeing to disagree and co-existing without putting down your choice of opinion is everyone’s right. There’s nothing wrong if a person disagrees with the cultural norms and opinions, and yes disagreeing never mean disrespect!

However, this incident that happened in India, last Sunday shocked so many people that it almost created a chaos.

This 4th-year student of nursing actually was beaten by UP (Utter Pradesh) for allegedly having an affair with a Muslim guy

All four cops, including lady constable and Homeguard, were suspended! After a vast majority of Indian journalist created enough noise to be heard!

Girl in India assaulted for ‘having a Muslim partner’

A disturbing video has gone viral in India showing police beating a woman for allegedly having a relationship with a Muslim man.Three officers have now been suspended.

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The girl and the boy are just the medical students in the city

The worst part about the case was when the girl was asked by the police to file a case of rape against her Muslim friend

She was asked to file a case against the Muslim guy in exchange for clean chit and she walks free

The girl was harassed and tortured, beaten up by the police. She was only freed by the police upon the arrival of her parents. The extremism of UP police is completely condemnable.

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