#JusticeForKhadija: Pakistanis Have Taken Over Social Media To Stand Up Against LHC’s Decision

About 2 years back, a female student of TILS, a law college in Lahore, Khadija Siddiqi was on her way to pick up her sister from The Convent of Jesus and Mary. Khadija was stabbed by her own classmate 24 times on her chest and the neck. Her attacker, Shah Hussain, is a son of a renowned lawyer based in Lahore as well.

The attack on Khadija Siddiqi surfaced all over social media throughout these two years with multiple proceedings in the court. She garnered a heap of support from many Pakistanis. Khadija miraculously survived and sustained multiple injuries, took a long time to recover. Afterward, Khadija came out on the media and openly spoke about the incident. People empathized with her and supported her cause to wipe the floor in court with her attacker.

Multiple shreds of evidence and DNA tests stand to prove Shah Hussain. However, the case proceeded in the court and we saw both parties contesting each other. Obviously, people at large supported Khadija Siddiqi because, by no means, anything can ever justify the horrific act of violence that was incurred on her. Seeking justice in the eyes of the judiciary, the case spanned for quite a while with parties on both sides sternly contesting each other.

It was revealed that sessions court handed him a 5-year sentence for the offense. The leniency of such a decision sparked massive outrage among people who wanted Shah Hussain to be tried and sentenced fairly for the crime he committed.

Now Lahore High Court acquitted Shah Hussain of all charges and here’s what all the Pakistanis have to say

Stay strong, Khadija!


This guy has a valid point

What do we expect?

Jeremy McLellan shared his thoughts too!

Apart from these tweets, Hassan Niazi, Khadija’s lawyer came up with some shocking revelations!

Sulla? Yeah right!

BACK OFF????!!!

We really hope justice is served or else, it seems like the public will take matters to their end and bring and an end to this unfair decision.

We stand by Khadija!


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