Last Video Message Of Chef Tahir Before He Passed Away Is Truly Heartbreaking

Last Video Message Of Chef Tahir Before He Passed Away Is Truly Heartbreaking

Chef Tahir was a part of Masala TV as long as one could remember. From his different accent to his marvelous cooking, if at any point in life you or your mom were hooked to cooking, you would’ve surely known about Chef Tahir.

Among the few chefs we have seen in our local industry, Chef Tahir was one of the most prominent names. On 6th October however, he suddenly passed away, few hours later when he was seen live by the followers on Masala TV.

The Sudden Death of Chef Tahir Sends Contemplating Messages to All the Viewers

The Cause of Chef Tahir’s Death Is Cardiac Arrest

Hours before his passing away, Chef Tahir was seen at the 12th anniversary of Masala TV. The celebration went live all across the country and that was the last time viewers saw Chef Tahir. He was enjoying with all the crew members and fellow chefs.

This Is So Heartbreaking

But what is more heartbreaking is the last seen video of him during the anniversary celebration. Chef Tahir was seen cutting the cake, enjoying the celebration and even gave a message to all the viewers for the very last time.

This Video Is Surfacing On the Internet Since his Death

And it is truly upsetting

This reminds us all of how short life is alongside its unpredictability. Chef Tahir is seen alive just hours before his death, it truly seems haunting.

Rest in peace, Chef Tahir.

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