Jeremy McLellan Keeps Taking a Dig at Nawaz Sharif and Pakistanis Are Loving It

Wouldn’t be the first time you’d be reading this but seriously, when are we going to give Jeremy McLellan the Pakistani nationality he fully deserves? Since the last tour he had in Pakistan, Jeremy keeps himself updated with all the Pakistani on-going politics and fiascos.

While most of the fans want to see him back in the country, Jeremy just makes sure he gives them something to talk about for now.

From the Looks Of It, Jeremy Doesn’t Seem Like a Nawaz Sharif Fan

Being a comedian, and a pretty good one, he often jokes about Nawaz Sharif and the political stances regarding Pakistan.

And Sometimes Talks About the Bitter Truth Too


Last Year, He Even Called Nawaz Sharif the Best Comedian of this Nation

Jeremy recently welcomed a baby girl in the world and oh boy, the man is over the moon!



And Just Recently, He Took a Picture of Jewell and Added A Caption Trolling Nawaz Sharif

And Pakistanis Had Quite A Laugh When They Saw It


Some Wanted to See a Maryam Nawaz Impression Too LMAO

From my understanding, it just hints on how the baby is only sleeping and doing nothing and well…you know…

We just love reading Jeremy’s tweets and keep following him for making the upcoming elections even more interesting with his witty remarks!

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