International Brand Forever 21 Just Copied The Kolla-Puri Chappals And What They Call It Is Hilarious!

The West copying the East – who knew one would ever experience such a thing, right? Well, when an Orange Man can be the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world, then expect the unexpected.

Remember How An International Brand Introduced Miswak As A Natural Toothbrush?

Yoni Life

And When Paul Smith Sold Peshawari Chappals For $300?

Paul Smith

West Is Also Selling Charpayi By Calling It Indian Jute Bench…


The charpayi is sold at Target for @299…WHAT THE F?

Oh And Remember When They Wanted To Flaunt A ‘Chandelier’ On their…Ummm..Heads…?


Forever 21 Came Up With Ajrak Bikini (?????)


And A Proper Ajrak Dress And A Top Too!

Forever 21

This Time, Forever 21 Comes With Yet Another Appropriation – Studio Caleidoscope Sandals AKA Kolla Puri!

Look At The Description – What’s With This Name?

Funniest Of All, They Are Being Sold For $48…

My mother would beat the hell outta me from the same chappal if I buy these for Rs. 4800!!!

There Are More Designs Too

Karachi Bazaar, Liberty dupatta gaali, and Raja Bazaar, you can buy the oh-so-sophisticated Studio Caleidoscope Flip Flops and Sandals within Rs. 500 from these places.

“Ex-squeeze Me Bhai, Ye Mujhe Aik Studio Caleidoscope Flip Flop Ka Pair Tou Dede Plis.

Anyway, we are enjoying how the brand is copying or let’s say, continues being inspired by this extremely traditional cultural footwear and spreading it across the globe. Appropriation done right!

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