Crazy Indian Warmongers On Social Media Think Their Army Can Destroy China

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There is a  Himalayan border standoff between old foes China and India, triggered by India’s construction of roads and airstrips in the region. India is trying to compete with China’s spreading Belt and Road initiative.

Chinese and Indian soldiers have been camped out in the Galwan Valley in the high-altitude Laddakh region. They are accusing each other of trespassing over the disputed border, the trigger of a brief but bloody war in 1962.

What is happening at Laddakh?

Image: Reuters

Meanwhile, about 80 to 100 tents have sprung up on the Chinese side 60 on the Indian side, said Reuters. Both sides were digging defenses and Chinese trucks have been moving equipment into the area, the officials said, raising concerns of a long faceoff.

Will there be another war between China and India? Well, many Indians on social media already think that if there will be any war between the two sides, India will crush China, just like it was pleading them to go back a few days ago.

However, Indian claims are very tall as videos have emerged how their army has been struggling in front of the Chinese soldiers. China has entered the Ladakh region and the Indian Army instead of fighting is requesting them to ‘please go back’. Some of the Chinese Soldiers were bashing Indian soldiers for violating border rules.

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