Mehr Tarar Just Nailed An Indian Army Major On Twitter Who Tried Bashing Pakistanis And It’s A Clean Knock Out!

Indians have been known to not just pray to their bhagwaans but also to the Britishers that finally left the Indian lands after ruling for a long time. So much so, that they are infested with the ‘gora mentality’. Their language especially is held in extremely high regard and knowing it, speaking it makes Indians feel better about themselves; ‘superior’ to be precise.

Somehow their arguments always come full circle to the same point nearly every Indian would make in front of a Pakistani, is the fact that they can speak, write and understand English better than us. Even writing this makes one automatically feel petty because that is exactly who they are; P E T T Y.

Now imagine considering yourself more learned and intelligent than an entire country and still getting your facts wrong. My question? What have you been doing on the internet all these years? Or you choose to be dense? Anyhow, this tweet by an Indian retired Major will make you understand more.

As for stating facts and having intelligence, he might want to open Indian news channels for once or simply look into his armed forces and politicians. It’s a circus. Schools we have plenty, however, schooling is what he needs which also has been taken care of.

Mehr Tarar Gave A Befitting Reply. ‘Aina Dikhana’ Was Necessary And Was Delivered Perfectly! 

“You know what, Major? Bad grammar has nothing to do with terrible schooling, or almost every Indian politician or every wannabe politician would be mercilessly mocked. You know, what else good education and good upbringing teach? Dignity & grace on a social media platform. Right?”

One thing’s for sure, their hate for us makes them say and do disgraceful things. It’s almost comical how undignified majority of them are.

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Pakistanis Are Definitely Entertained And Amused At Major’s ‘Attempt’. 

“LOL, what’s the literacy rate in India? Please enlighten us all. Focus on building toilets in your country. A country where poop falls from the sky. Declare ” toilet emergency” in your country. Pakistan and its education is not your problem. Mind your own business.”

“The major is still living a colonized mindset. Gora culture…we Pakistanis are proud of our language Urdu, which the Indians use densely in their so called Hindi. English is our second language and we can manage well without vigorous use of it on every platform”

That’s about it, it’s that simple and insignificant! Get your heads out of those clouds that your Modi was talking about.

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