Here is How My Perspective Changed After Watching the ICC Champions Trophy 2017

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I am at a loss of words to define the feeling I’ve had since the first innings of the match yesterday. The moment Pakistan took out the last wicket of India, that was the cherry on the top.

Excited, overwhelmed, emotionally high, proud and a few other words are what the entire nation must have felt, just like I did.

Source: CNN

The lesson I learned from the boys in green is that:

“Haters gonna hate, but you just gotta keep doing what you do with strong belief in yourself and then it’s never too late to be successful.”

Source: Hindustan Times

Irrespective of all the crap going on with the baap-beta comments on social media, from the likes of Rishi Kapoor, etc. What I loved about the Indian team, especially Kohli, is the true sportsman spirit that he showed yesterday and proved to us that it is indeed a gentleman’s game.

We all should cherish this victory for it is truly one of the most memorable moments in the entire history of cricket in Pakistan, as well as the globe.

But we should also remain as positive as we are today for tomorrow, in case we lose a match against any team at all (even India). We should remember the way the Indian team showed true sportsmanship and learn from them.

“Haar kar jeetnay waalay ko Baazigar nahin, Pakistan kehtay hain.” – Faraz Ahmed

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