Pakistani Celebs Are Also Questioning If Voting For PM Imran Was ‘The Right Decision’

Celebrities Now Questioning If Voting For PM Imran Khan Was 'The Right Choice'

PM Imran Khan had been a beacon of hope for those who strived to have ‘Tabdeeli’ in Pakistan. Whether one lived in Pakistan or was an expat, everyone looked up to Imran Khan to bring the change required.

In the lead to support the former cricket captain were Pakistani celebrities. As the celebrities promoted him relentlessly prior to the 2018 election, it was only a matter of time for his rise to power.

However, recent developments of the ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf show that PM Imran might have failed to deliver what he promised. Now the same celebrities are questioning his decisions.

Popular actor Fahad Mustafa took to Twitter to express his rising concerns on whether he made the right decision voting for Khan.

Similarly, singer Haroon Shahid also took to Twitter to express his rising concerns about PM Imran’s governance.

Many followers of the celebrities above also seconded their concerns.

Many reaching to the conclusion that while PM Imran himself may have wanted to do some good for the nation, his allies and party members are singing a different tune.

Concerns over PM’s governance raise Twitter debate

While there are some who sided with the celebrities’ opinion, there were many who sides with PM Imran and questioned the actor’s sudden change of opinion.

Moreover, there have been many incidents where Prime Minister Imran Khan’s governance has been challenged. While some have become skeptic over the former’s skipper’s approach. Others still stand strong and in favor of their brave beloved captain.


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