Kapooray Are Testicles – Do You Know What Else We Eat On Bakra Eid? Find Out…

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Gaye agayi! Aur Kitney ki li? The most popular words nowadays. Bari Eid is just around the corner. We are looking forward to the beauty of cattle and trips to mandi with our friends and family. Boys surely did plan their trips while girls are still shopping.

All Ammi’s are planning for the best dawat recipes. The best Kaleji ,best Katakat, best Qorma and what not. So, mentioned below are the angrezi words for the body parts you are likely to eat this Eid… because it is important to know what you are eating:


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Our Bakra Eid is incomplete without this. But how many of you know that kaleji is the liver of your animal. It looks like a huge piece of the blood clot but when cooked to perfection, have it with green raita and it marks the climax of Bakra eid.


It’s the spleen. An abdominal organ involved in the production and removal of blood cells in most vertebrates. It’s very high in cholesterol and is usually eaten shallow fried with a lot of different spices.


The outer part of animal stomach. You surely spotted an ojri after qurbani. So battain is actually the outer lining of that ojri you just spotted.


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Paye is simply legs. Legs of your animal are the strongest part. The synovial fluid present in between the joint makes the paye sticky and tasty. That’s why your fingers and lips get sticky while eating paye and that’s the charm of it.


This is the kidney. Kidney function and nitrogen balance of high yielding dairy cows at the onset of lactation. Mostly it’s mixed with kaleji and cooked. But even when it’s cooked on its own, its finger licking good.


Source: Spiceindiaonline

It’s obviously brain. The most important and staple ingredient in a katkata. And if you still haven’t had bheja fry, you are missing out on life!


The muscular meat of cow’s thighs. Have you ever eat bong k ghost ki nihaari?


Source: SBS

The word derived from dast in Arabic, which means hands or frontier limbs of a goat. A roasted dasti is all you crave on Bakra eid.


You all know about this. Hum sab k pass bhi hai. And yes some people eat it too!


The lungs obviously,


Not talking about Mr. Rishi Kapoor for sure. But how many of you know that kapoora is testis of a goat? Sounds disgusting! But their soft mesh texture melts in the mouth.

It may be astonishing know that every organ and body part of these animals are utilized in some of the other ways. All of its meat is eaten. Even the skin and the teeth are used in textile and pharmaceutical industries.

I hope you guys have a nice Meaty Eid!

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