A Student From Balochistan, Ali Gul Invented An ‘Eye Smart Helmet’ For Miners For Their Safety And This Is Brilliant!

There is always a way that leads to progress and success when there is a will, determination, interest, and passion. A perfect way to describe the next story where a young Baloch student invents a smart helmet that can assist miners in keeping them safe from life-threatening accidents and severe health-issues.

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This journey was definitely a personal one for this uber-talented Computer Engineering graduate of BUITEMS, Ali Gul. According to the sources, his brother survived a horrible mining accident that led him to reflect upon this grave situation that every miner face in Pakistan. Although rich in resources, this country sure is far behind in updated implementations of safety standards.

The miners in Balochistan are subjected to all sorts of harmful substances, fumes, toxic spillages and explosions that have reportedly taken 164 lives approximately while leaving 300 injured this past year, as tweeted by Ali.

Ali Gul With His Exceptional Capabilities, Far Sightedness And Interest In Technology Developed An ‘Eye Smart Helmet’. 

The helmet monitors the condition of the mines using the latest technology. Furthermore, the helmet detects the presence of any toxic gas, fumes, explosion threats and it doesn’t stop here. It also keeps track of the miner’s health and location while working in that particular area of the mine. This is absolutely fantastic.

Of course, Ali Gul wasn’t alone in this great pursuit. He met equally talented and passionate co-founders: Muhammad Azeem And Muhammad Jawad; one entrepreneurship and business operations expert while the other expert in operations, financial modeling, investments, and corporate affairs, respectively.

The three co-founders laid foundations of a new company in Balochistan focusing on developing mine-safety products for the labors.

Pakistan is brimming with intelligence youth that requires an adequate amount of resources for them to make their inventions, ideas, and dreams into tangible results.

Ali Gul Managed To Raise Rs. 14 million from HEC – A Great Milestone For The Pakistani Student To Have Been Recognized And Invested In. 

The company will provide end-to-end solutions and a dashboard that is user-friendly making monitoring and analyzing data easy. Against all obstacles, be it financially, scalability and feasibility, they managed to create a working prototype.

iBeacon technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and, ZigBee Wireless Technology including several sensors were embedded in the prototype.

They are game-changers and we might just see an automated safety system for miners in the future. We wish them all the best in their endeavors and may they produce the best safety gadgets for Pakistani miners.

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