This 90-Year-Old Man ‘Babu’ Is Selling Amazing Street Food In Karachi!

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Pakistan is stricken with mass poverty and a difficult economic situation. Today, it is going through one of the worst phases in its 70-year history economically. This economic slowdown has led many individuals to take drastic steps in order to make ends meet. We all know that the rise in prices is literally giving everyone a tough time. Especially if you are old, which leaves you with very limited opportunities.

Meet “Babu” a 90-year old inspiration from the streets of Karachi:

However, slowing down doesn’t mean that you should give up altogether. There have been many individuals in the past like Samina from Lahore that have started their own food ventures. Recently, we came across a story that gives us the exact same message. We are talking about “Babu” a 90-year-old street vendor whose high spirits have made his BBQ joint one of the most visited places. It is located in North Nazimabad, Karachi. He sits at a stall adjacent to Hot’n Spicy in the area’s food street.

This 90-Year-Old Man 'Babu' Is Selling Amazing Street Food In Karachi!


The BBQ specialist:

“Babu” sells delicious and mouth-watering BBQ items in his shop. My word, you really have to try this to truly experience the magic that is in his cooking. People from different parts of the city come strolling through to have a bite of his enigmatic kebab’s. “Babu’s” secret, however, is his superior skills of marination and a recipe which is 55 years old. It seems like he is carrying the legacy of his elders. His most running item and the most famous among his regulars as well is the BBQ Bun kebab.

This 90-Year-Old Man 'Babu' Is Selling Amazing Street Food In Karachi!


So, if you are looking for something full of flavors and also affordable, this is the place to be. The BBQ bun costs only Rs.120 and takes your tastes buds on an enchanting trip. The food is served along with a mesmerizing green “chatni” that just lifts the whole experience. Also, while you are there, don’t forget to try his other items as well. The seekh kebab and the tikka are also very, very delicious.

People like “Babu” need our support. You have to really give his food a try to know what we are actually talking about. The taste that comes in every bite really tells us about Babu’s talents and his potential to provide us with great food. We spend thousands in eat-outs and usually on food that is at best average.

However, the fact remains that the real essence of desi food remains with these street vendors. No matter how much you try it is impossible to find the same kinds of intense flavors anywhere else.

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