9 Simple Ways To Manage Your Temper

1. Think before you speak

It is possible to say things which you’ll later regret in the heat of the moment. Stay quiet, collect your thoughts and then speak.

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2. Write it down

Jot down the main points of what’s upsetting you and how to resolve them. This will help you cool down as well as find solutions.


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3. Exercise

It is proven that exercise can reduce stress that causes you to become angry. Go for a brisk walk or run to get the stress level down.

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4. Let it out

The best way is to let your anger out. Loosen your muscles by clenching and un-clenching your fists. Scream out loud in a pillow or maybe just have a good cry. You’ll feel a lot calmer after that.


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5. Use ‘I’ instead of ‘You’

To end the argument without any blame game, use ‘I’ and not ‘You’. For example, ‘I am upset because you forgot to buy the tomatoes.’ and not ‘You always forget to buy the things I ask you to buy.’




6. Share with someone

Tell your best friend, sister,mom or whoever is close to you, about what’s bothering you. They might be able to help you deal with all the anger that’s getting hard to manage.


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7. Learn how to forgive

Don’t hold grudges. Anger and all the other negative feelings will bring you down. The best way to relieve yourself of the stress and anger is to forgive the other person. It might be hard, but it’s the best possible thing.


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8. Listen to your favorite song

Plugging in your earphone and shutting out the world is the best therapy to control your anger and calm down.

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9. Consult an expert

If you think your anger can get too out of control, the best thing is to consult an expert.


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