9 Unbelievable Facts About Pakistan’s History That Will Make You Proud

Pakistan is magnificent country with its rich history and background deeply rooted in the Indus civilization and more. Here are some facts that you didn’t know about Pakistan’s geographical history…

1. Mehar-Garh

Known as the earliest villages of South Asia for pottery and farming. It is one of the oldest village culture found in Pakistan from 9000 BC to 1700 BC located near Bolan Pass.mehrgarh

2.  MoenJo-Daro & Harrappa

Both these cities are the world’s earliest and largest urban societies found in 1920.


3.  The Ancient Kingdom of Gandhara

The flourish culture we experience in Swat today, is about 15000 years old from there


4. The Fourteen Mansehra Rock

Edicts in KPK are also from the times of Gandhara and written in the Gandharan cultural language, this site is the also included in the tentative list of World’s heritage sites.


5. Takht-e-Bahi

 It is one of the well-protected Buddhist Monastery located near Swat, moreover Swat also has more than 150 ancient 15000 years old Buddhist sites.


6. The Famous Blue Pottery Art Of Multan

The famous pottery has as survived through ages, in 1853, during Qasim-Baghexcavation many glazed tiled from 900 AD were found.


7. Two Cities Of Mansura And Debal

In 7th century Arab Muslims ruled Pakistan, and established two cities of Mansura and Debal inSindh which were not only vast in culture but they were economic center of Sindh.


8. Rani Kot Fort

also known as great wall of Sindh is considered as world’s largest fort with area of 26km.


9. Baltit

One of the most beautiful sites of Pakistan is Baltit fort has received several awards i.e. Award of excellence, Best of Asia Award and Tourism for tomorrow award.


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