9 Types Of Weird Characters You Meet At Every University

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Students enter university with enthusiasm and motivation but they don’t know what kind of experiences they will encounter that will change them mold them and challenge them emotionally and psychologically. These experiences are associated with people they meet. The following are the types of people you will meet at university.

1. The Chill Guys:

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The chill guys are always ready for a hangout. They don’t care if they have extra money or not. And when you eat at a restaurant and it’s time for bill “BOOM” they will say you “Yar tere liye aya tha bill to de bad main wapis karun ga”. But these guys are the coolest and open-hearted guys. They don’t do calculations while spending on friends that’s why they think that others also don’t care.

2. The “Tharki” group

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The Tharki group is the most discussed group in the class. They mostly come late in the class with red eyes. They don’t care whether giving intense looks to girls with their “nasheeli ankhein” would disturb them or not. They are just lost in their own world regardless of what impression they would leave on others. They are just like “apun ko mazay mai life jeenay ka hai”

3. The “Theetas”

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This category has been famous for many years. They are the mysterious people of the class (if they are at extreme level) They just study all the time and grades and assignments are all over their minds. They don’t care whether they are annoying others with their “parhai wali guftgu”. Some are so psycho that they would cling to the teacher’s office for the whole day for the purpose of increasing 0.5 marks.

4. The Pretenders

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The most dangerous though most sweet people. They are a new version of theetas they don’t let other people know that they studied the whole night or when they study. They show they are very chill and when the exams start some super power helps them to do their paper. They show they are intelligent well actually they are the most rattabaz people. If he/she is your roommate or friend then get ready for another “aziat”. They start sleeping more than their actual routine but under their quilt, they are studying. And at the end you would be surprised how cleanly they deceived you.

5. The Friends

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Somehow during the journey, you stop to meet some wonderful people and when you start walking again they always stand by your side and make it beautiful. These people are your cause of surviving in university. When you are at home sick and miss your “amma” these people motivate you, charge you and help you to get over all that fuss. People usually complain that people are diplomat at university but sooner or later you meet the right people and that group is a reason to make your university life beautiful.

6. The Motivators

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Motivators are hard to find at the university. But these are the “jannati” people who are happy with their lives and help you get over your problems. They may be your friends or some strangers who knowingly or unknowingly motivate you. They may say “Yar Isha ki namaz parho sab mushkil asan ho jayegi” and belong to the category of best people.

7. The Lovers:

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There are always some bunch of lovers in every university and you will see them sitting alone and half the singles are busy discussing them and half are busy getting jealous of them. But they are always lost in their own fantasy and after spending the whole day at university they talk to each other by phone at night.

8. Those with whom you always have a weird eye contact:

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Well, some people are so desperate they can’t get over their hormones. When in university you are in class or in café and you look around and boom someone is looking t you for God knows how long and you have eye contact with that guy again and again and again and that is so meaningless as the mentoring session in university.

9. The Small Townies

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The small townies are the most underestimated people. People usually think that they have come by luck. Nobody knows how hardworking and dedicated they are. And if they talk about Pizza Hut or Brands everybody gives them weird looks like they shouldn’t know this thing. Small townies are usually made fun of their accent and besides, they lack confidence. But till the end of the university, they turn into “Baaghi” and they don’t care if anyone says anything. They are the most groomed ones who value and avail the opportunity.

No matter how hard the life would be when you will leave you will never love that experience. Filled with lots of joy, challenges, and troubles the university prepares you for practical life and the most important thing you earn would be your friends and memories.

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