9 Types of Students You Come Across At The Karachi University’s Point

After my admission in Karachi University, my father had arranged me a pick and drop service due to the interesting facts we all came to know about KU’s point. On second day, my friends urged me to join them in KU’s point in morning and on their request I accepted the challenge.

Fortunately, I got the chance to witness one of the experiences I only heard. I was at the bus-stop around 7:30 a.m and suddenly the herd of sheep (sorry, but I can’t get another word) ran towards the point which was about half a kilometer far from the bus-stop.


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When the herd reached to the point, it stopped with a bang and the remaining poor students rushed to the overloaded point like me. Along with my friends, we successfully got some place at gate. And then the chatter-chatter was on the way. Not a single word was understandable, and then I benefited my two eyes and ears to observe that new world where I was the alien.

1. The New-Comers

The most bechare people at the point who are the target of all the seniors. Kause department me ho? Wo to bilkul acha nae. Kyun admission le lia? Point me aoge jaoge?

And they were like:


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2. Followers Of Zubaida Apa

Do you want to know how to remove excessive hair from face? Do you want to know about the herbs good for weight loss? Do you want to know the best makeup products of Pakistan? Or which lip color is trending?

All beauty tips of authentic neem hakeems are available here in the Karachi University’s point


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3. Book Worms

They know about each and every upcoming Urdu and English novel, and after finishing it they start doing critical analysis of the novel like Mustansar Hussain Tarar.


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4. Thaikedaar of Your Career

What subsidiary subject would be good with Economics major? And which department of Karachi University is the best according to your capability?

These people are the career counselors and even more experienced than your father mother who took you to the university! I mean seriously?


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5. Hands-free Wale

As they enter into the point, their first job is to insert the hands-free in their ears and then they are the deaf!

Some use hands-free to enjoy music or some wants to be alone, some are on call with their future partner or some are listening to the lectures of teacher which their class-fellows send them on Whats-app.


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6. Analysts Of Family Affairs

From the characteristics of every phopho of any genre to the behaviors of desi mothers, they know all and make predictions like special family analyst.


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7. Siyasi Log

Karachi University is incomplete without these people. Every mainstream and lower stream party exist in university and so the followers. Their conversation about upcoming events, their long-lasting debates on good governance of PML-N and third marriage of Imran Khan, their kind views about MQM would never bored you


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8. Jaga Banane Wale

It is the fact that Karachi University is the Alma-mater of many Pakistani politicians, and when I saw the guts of some fellows who were just by raising their hands making some place for the poor ones to get into the point or made them able to breathe, my belief on the fact that “Karachi University is the hub of leaders” stood firm


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9. Party Sharty Wale

These type of people celebrate their every moment in the point. Whether its birthday of their friend or their search of bhabhi or dulha bhai came to end, they all shout or sing the jingle in the chores


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These people are the real color of the Karachi University, if you know more then let us know!


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