9 Types Of People On Their Birthday

While some LOVE to celebrate their birthdays, there are others who hardly see it as something even worth thinking about. Here are the 9 different kinds of people you’ll witness on their birthdays..

1.Over-excited one’s..

OMG OMG!! Happy birthday to meeee!!


2. The attention seekers

Dude you didn’t wish me yet..


3. The one’s who actually don’t care

Yeah well, just another usual day


4. Those who like to make sure they party hard

Party at my place, got them bottles.. of coke.


5. The kind who just wants to spend their birthday with their significant other (or bestfriend)

This is more special to me..


6. The kind who’ll keep reminding everyone it’s their birthday and they’ll do whatever they want

Deal with it bitches!!

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7. It’s time to get some giftssss

Does it look like i care about you? I want my gift!! Where is it??


8. The “humbled” kind

This is so sweeeet. You guys didn’t have to do this.


9. Lastly, those who plan their own surprises..




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