9 Times Pakistani Dramas Went A Little Too Far

While Pemra is busy banning Indian movies… Pakistani dramas are getting out of hands…

1. When You Are As Old As A Grandfather Yet ‘Rangeen’

2. And As Shahrukh Khan Said ` MUJHE JANGLI BILLIYAN BOHOT PASAND HAIN`Or When You Realize The Muhawara meaning `Onth K Muh Meh Zeera`

3. When You Think Too Much Latino

4. The Pull Over Effect

5. When They Do Not Themselves Realize `Khuda Dhaikh Raha Hai`

6. When Kids Disturb Your Love Life

7. When Neck Kissing And Exposing Armpits Become Common

8. When You Forget That You Don’t Live In UK or USA!

9. This Proves PTV Is Just Not The Same!

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