9 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Into A Relationship

9 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Into A Relationship

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Finding that one special guy is tough and when you live abroad, it’s a nightmare. A lot of Asian women prefer to date a guy of similar background. There are lots of dating apps available which provide a large pool of potential partners.

But the profiles of these potential partners are not verified. Several people may lie to stand out in the pool. Later, it can undermine trust. Below is a list of early warning signs you may want to consider before going ahead for a relationship.

1: You are perfect for me

It takes time to know someone; especially if it’s about choosing a life partner. If he says that “you are perfect for me” or “I am falling in love with you” in a first, second or third date. Hold on mate, that’s a bit too fast, therefore, this guy is a liar.

2: He never makes a phone call from home

Does he always call you from the workplace or in a café and never from home? He may not want you to listen to what is going on at his home or he does not want “people” at home to know that he is chatting with you.

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3: If he vanishes for days and weeks

Does he text you a lot and then suddenly vanish in the air and come back as if nothing happened? He may be concentrating on “someone” else; and that “someone” was obviously more important than you. Even if his mother died, he could always text and tell you. Beware of such cycles and don’t waste your time for his text or a call.

4: If he does not like your friends or is hesitant to meet them

The chances are he does not want to be asked things like, “what do you do”, “where do you live”. He may want to cut you off from your friends and this may result in you stressing and losing your self-respect. He may also get into stupid arguments with your friends or be arrogant with them, so they start avoiding you.

5: If he never lets you meet his friends or family

The chances are if you meet them, you may ask a question, his circle would start noticing you. If a guy is honest, he would want you to meet his friends and family.

6: If he talks about his ex

If he is constantly talking about his ex, he is not over her yet. You might be a rebound or a distraction for him after his breakup.

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7: If he never talks about shaadi or long-term relationship

It’s good to date to see what you like in a partner; do you match, what are his likes and dislikes but eventually we all have to settle down after some time. If he does not talk about settling down, he may never want to do it with you.

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8: If he agrees to whatever you say.

Every couple has arguments or even fights. That’s the joy of being with someone special; to love each other unconditionally. This is a big red flag which cannot be ignored if he says YES to all you say.

9: If he ever says I was about to tell you, but I was scared that you would leave me.

So, you have discovered something important which he did not tell you before or he lied to you about something. When you would confront him, he would come up with lame excuses to try to ignore the confrontation. Even if he accepts, he lied to you, you must now think about how many lies you have been told!

If you see more than 3 red flags in a guy, stop; it’s not worth the effort and move on to save your time.

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