9 Things People With Memon Friends Can Relate To

Living in Pakistan, it’s impossible to not have a single memon friend (they’re everywhere!). Here’s a list of things you’ll be able to relate to if you have memon friends;

1. You can never have enough of the food at their place.

Their food is loaded with spice and flavor, and you can’t stop obsessing over the Khousey. But if you don’t like spicy food, you just can’t visit their place ever.


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2. They’re absolutely never on time.

If a memon friend tells you he’ll be there at 7, rest assured he’ll be there, but by 9-ish.


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3. You always marvel at how much they spend on their clothes and food.

Clothes. Clothes. And more clothes. This designer, and that designer. And IF you ever praise their dress:

bushra ansari

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4. If you’re a girl, every time you attend a get together at a memon friend’s place, rishta aunties will have all eyes on you.

Because this is what memons live for. It is their divine duty to get every single person married.


Yep. Always on the look out.

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5. You’re tired of how your memon friend is almost always about “business-investment-profit”.

You’re sitting at a restaurant and they just can’t stop lecturing you on how “isko cost itnay ki pari hogi aur ye 200% profit rakh raha hai apna”.


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6. And you can’t help but make fun of that memon accent they have;

You’ve called them ‘paindu’ about 687378 times.


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7. Not to forget, that special memon-only vocabulary;

memons 2


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8. You just can’t wrap your head around the many sub-categories that memons have;

So you just pretend to understand everytime they try to explain to you the distinction between Bantwa walay and Kutiyana walay;


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9. You’re always teasing your memon friend about how they’ll get married to a first cousin;

They laugh but they’re cringing inside.


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But you obviously love them nonetheless for their spirit and kind hearts.


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