9 Things Only Pakistanis Residing in Dubai Can Relate To

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We all have that Indian friend

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No matter how far apart Pakistanis and Indians are politically, in Dubai, we all live together and treat each other like brothers

Senti Restaurants


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We are all regular customers of that particular chai wala where we kick it for a bit when we hang out with friends and get chai and shawarma from.

Pathan Friends


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Whenever you have a fight with anyone, you know who to call.

Karachi Darbar and Ravi

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Two main places that offer an authentic Pakistani cuisine. Feels like Pakistan as soon as you enter the place!

The hype on Pakistani matches


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Tickets are sold, faces are painted, Pakistani jerseys are worn! That is next level excitement. PSL was enjoyed with full enthusiasm in February 2016

Keep everything on one side, just hear the cheer when LALA is here


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Nothing gives you that chill running down your spine but Afridi’s entry into the pitch when there is a huge roar of Pakistani fans and the way he gets the Pathans dancing is pleasant to watch!

Meet Bollywood and Pakistani Celebs


Source: www.topnews.in

Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Honey Singh. Yes, they all perform in Dubai very often. Movie stars like SRK or Shahid Kapoor often promote their movies in malls which often gives you a chance to meet them in real life! Dubai is a celebrity hub for sure.

That feeling of growing up in a mixed Indo – Pak Culture


Source: www.pakistanprobe.com

There are so many Indians and Pakistanis around you that you will get a mixed sort of a culture and even though you don’t go too Indian, you’ll know when all their festivals are and you will often celebrate with your Indian friends.

Pakistani Beauty Everywhere

Source: www.stylecatchup.pk

Even though you’re not in your homeland, you will never miss the beautiful girls back home because you’ll see Pakistani girls everywhere. And we all know how gorgeous people of our country are.

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