10 Things About “Working Mothers” Women Can Relate To

Just like the title, these are the women who are living four different lives at the same time. There was a time when most of the families objected working women for a number of reasons. Given the economically constricted world we live in now, it is impossible for a job occupation man to run the entire household on his own.

After studying for 16 to 18 years, women today are seen utilizing their degrees, education, and knowledge to work shoulder to shoulder with men for multiple reasons. While some may work for the betterment of the household, others work to be independent and show their passion. Regardless of what the reason may be, the toughest job is for married working women.

If you fall in this category, I am sure you can relate to the following 10 things:

1. The Living Example of Multitasking

In the morning, you are a wife and a mother who needs to send her husband and kids off to school.


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In afternoon till evening, you are working in the office for 8 hours. And at night, you are a tired woman who needs nothing, but sleep.

9 Things About Married-Mothers-Working Women Can Relate To - Parhlo.com


2. You Can Never Keep Business and Personal Life Aside From One Another

9 Things About Married-Mothers-Working Women Can Relate To - Parhlo.com


Mothers can understand what is like to be working and receiving a call from her children in the middle of some task. Calls like these can never be ignored.

3. You Hardly Ever Have Time For Yourself



Remember how once upon a time you always cared about parlor treatments, massages and the time when the newest line of your favorite designer lawn came out and you cared? All of that is nothing, but memories.

4. “When Was The Last Time You Went Out With Your Friends?



Social life? None. Even if you did, your mother in law (most of the times) would always be there to remind you how “incompetent” you are.

5. If You Are a Mom Who Drives, Most of Your Day Will Be Spent On Roads


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Drive to drop kid. Drive to work. Drive to pick kid. Drive to drop kid home. Drive to work again. Drive to go get grocery. Drive home again.


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Yep. Too much.

6. “Working Women Must Be Earning A Lot”


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In-laws and other “important” people of society will always have a check on what you wear, where you go and what you buy to guess how much you are earning.

7. “You Work Only To Shop For Yourself”

9 Things About Married-Mothers-Working Women Can Relate To - Parhlo.com

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Our society still believes that women do not belong to workplaces but are only suitable for homes. In the worst case scenario, your husband and his family might not understand this as well. Even if women work to shop for themselves, it is still saving husband’s money that is further invested in the household.

8. “You Don’t Pay Attention To Your Family”

9 Things About Married-Mothers-Working Women Can Relate To - Parhlo.com

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“You just gave your 8 year old a sandwich for lunch? Why is his uniform not ironed? Did you pack breakfast for your husband?” – the summary of every working women’s conversation shared with someone who doesn’t understand her position.

9. Having a Lunch/Dinner Date With Husband Alone Would Be a Blessing


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It is important in every relationship that husband and wife share some quality time together. Just the two of them. However, with the load of work and taking care of family, something like this seems like a fantasy. Spending quality time with your husband, or a candle-light dinner must sound like a fantasy or a wish you have been dreaming about.

10. Watching The Latest Animated Movie Becomes a Part of Your Job


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You might plan on how you need to see Shahrukh Khan’s latest movie. You might even buy a CD or download it, until the latest movie of Pixar comes out and you have to watch it with your child 50,000 times because he or she wishes to.

Playing four roles at a time is tough. While the society may restrict women to kitchen, we need to put ourselves in their shoes for once and understand what these hard-working women experience.






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