9 Things Karachi-Walay Say That You Can’t Take Literally

These statements widely used by karachiites would make absolutely no sense if they were to be understood through their literal meaning. To understand these statements fully you have to born and bred in one of the greatest cities in the world “KARACHI”!

1. Boy Chilling Hai

This Statement can be used as a question “Boy sub chilling hai”, to imply a feeling of concern and as a general phrase “Han boy chilling hai” to retort a reply in the positive to any question.


2. Khana Phortay Hain

This does not mean that you are going to strap some sort of explosive to your food it simply means you are going EAT!


3. Joint Martay Hain

Obviously this does not mean you are going to beat up a joint, just going to smoke one.


4. Kia Scene hai

In literal terms this makes no sense but for Karachiites it’s the equivalent of “what’s up” or “what’s happening”


5. Scene on/off hai

Again this statement makes no sense out of context but, us Karachi walay use it when something is going to or not going to happen.


 6. …… Ka Off Hai

You can add a noun, proper noun, verb whatever you want to the beginning of this sentence to give a negative over view about anything. “yar chalnay ka off hai”, “ Hasan Ka off hai”, “gari Ka off hai” Ect.


7. Teray toh lag gaye

This statement is vague and ambiguous but all Karachi walay know that it means you have been utterly screwed.

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8. Bhai Say Larki Down Huwi Hai

This one is just a little too much to comprehend, however it simply means that you have successfully courted a lady.


9. Who Meri Bachi Hai

This does not equate to taking ownership of a child, rather its just clarifying that someone is your girlfriend.

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