9 Things That Happen When A Desi Girl Goes For Waxing

The life of women has been blessed with numerous feminist pains in which monthly menstrual cycles is on the top of the list. And then comes another torture session, waxing. All the girls wait for that day anxiously but when the day finally arrives, they wish that it could be gone in the blink of an eye!

It is the day for which we reserve all our monthly quota of abuses. It is the day when we hate hair growth and yes, it is the day on which we prepare our minds like we do before meeting a rishtay wali aunty!

And finally, the big day comes! The parlour wali aunty welcomes you with a warm heart and open arms! Here are the things that happen after entering a beauty salon for waxing.

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1. The Cursing Moment When You Tell Aunty That, “Waxing Kerwani Hai”

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This request presses the trigger to start the chain of incidents, bas yehi kehna mushkil hota hai baaqi to Allah malik hai ab…

2. When You Apply All The Moisturizers Around You

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After lying on the bed, you apply all types of lotions, talcum powders, and moisturizers just because in your little mind you think that applying moisturizers may soften your skin and thus your screams! You’re a bad girl, you’re so bad.

3. Reham Aunty! It’s Hot…

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This be-reham samaj never thinks about the emotions of a woman. FIR katwao behna!

4. When The Aunty Is Pulling Off The Strip And Missing All The Short Thin Hair

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5. Thora Thora Kerke Ye To Jaan Le Lengi

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Arms. Under arms. Legs. Aunty bas karen yaar!

6. Brazilian? Itni Bravery Kahan Se Laon?

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-Beta, ab ai ho to brazilian bhi kerwa he lo.

(Tu Keh Jane Haal Mera…)

7. Your Whole Body Turns Into “Bhindiyon Jaisi Sticky Thingie”

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To save water, parlor wali aunty will never clean the waxed body parts. So, all you feel on your body is the chipku chipku waxy solution all the way!

8. Waxing = Taking The Same Roller Coaster Ride Repeatedly

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One after one, a series of thoughts pop up in your mind in which quitting is on top of the list! Itni der to horrific rides me bhi nae lagti!!!

9. Hurrah! I Survived…

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And the torture session is over now! you’ve done it girl! More power to you! Enjoy the neat and clean look for the next 20days.

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Have you gone through something even worse than these things? Let us know girls!


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