9 Things Every Nixor Shark Can Relate To

Many of us studied at one of the most popular A level colleges in Karachi. It wasn’t all fun and games though. Sharks had tough days too. However, those two years at Nixor College were probably the best for most of us and here’s why:

1) Entering college at 8:00 am and immediately thanking all Gods

Admit it; it was miraculous and hearing Zain Bhai say “aaj toh bach gaye” made it even better! Because entering at 8:01 meant YOU ARE LATE (in red)

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2) TED issues: We all know what it was like having no amount left in our TED accounts

Well, what are friends for? We would wait in the lunch line for anyone to show up with a freshly charged TED account to get lunch.

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3) No manual attendance? Damn

Okay so we HAD to swipe our ID cards upon entering classes. And sometimes IT WOULD NOT SWIPE.

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4) An event is coming up and you want the event merchandise and you have no money!

No problem, just sign a sheet and charge it to your fee. Your parents can deal with that!

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5) Traffic rules

Yes, those foot traffic signals were quite specific. But eventually we all got used to them. And the staircases: one for going up and the other for coming down. Just Nixor College Things.

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6) The Friday morning assemblies that made everyone wish they had sunscreen and water with them


7) Monthly test results would be POSTED to our homes. “College se letter aya hai”

And the look on mommy’s face would say it all.


8) When our teachers would give us treats!

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9) Being overly enthusiastic about our particular houses

Chant and score points and wait for the announcement as to who is at the top of the food chain!

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