9 Things Every Muslim Who Wakes Up For Sehri Can Relate To

As the holy month of Ramadan is here, the first struggle which every Muslim goes through is “Sehri”. Ramadan in the summertime isn’t too easy, especially when the metrologists have issued a warning for heat alert. The thirst level usually increases before a few minutes of Sehri but it doubles when you have to stay hydrated according to the directions of doctors.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work most of the times! If you are fasting in Ramadan, you can surely relate to these nine things about Sehri.

1. Stages Of Waking Up In Sehri. 1) Alarm 2) Ami Ki 100th Warning 3) Flying Chappal…

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The first effort in Ramadan we all face is “waking up” in Sehri on time. It starts with mom’s warning shout and ends with her perfect shot of THE flying chappal…

2. Sleep vs Food

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All you need is food and sleep at the same time. Your mom asks, “Beta, Parathe Ke Saath Karele Ka Salan Kha Loge?” and you sleepily nod at everything she’s asking you for!

3. Want To See The Real Me? Visit My House During Sehriii

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We all depict our real self during Ramadan and especially at the time of Sehri when your sibling accidentally asks you to pass that cup of tea!.“Tere Haath Per Nahen Hain Kya? Tu Mujhe Hukm Dega? *censored*”

4. What Is The Best Time For Workout? Sehri

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From 27 days to 30 days of Ramadan, you wake up just ten minutes before Azaan and you provide a chance for your family to witness your super efficiency at that moment.

5. All You Need Is Water

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No matter how many glasses of water you have already taken, being a Karachitte, it is your responsibility to drink as much water till Azaan e Fajar as you can!

6. Parathas Are Your Best Companion

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Sehri is incomplete without parathas. Whether it is Lachaydar, Sulaimani paratha, Aloo wala paratha or just a plain one, this scrumptious round thing is the must part of every Sehri.

7. Born Introvert!

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It should be the rule number one of Sehri Ka Dastarkhwaan that, “Talk less and eat more”. Because at that time, human interactions can’t be fruitful.

8. “Hazraat, Sehri Khatam Hone Me Sirf 5 Minute Rehte Hain”, Is The Worst Nightmare

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-Ami: Stop eating, Sehri is finished.

-Me: Ye Ap Kya Keh Rahi Hain, Mama?!

9. Just 8 Hours, 10 Minutes And 59 Seconds Are Left Until Iftaar. Till Then…

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Bye Bye, Allah Hafiz…

So, do you want to add more to the list? Let us know in the comment section.

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