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9 Things Every Girl Should Plan Way Ahead Her Wedding

Wedding is one of the most anticipated and cherished events in one’s life. However, failing to prepare for it properly might result in a financial and emotional disaster! The key to good planning is being realistic! Plan these things in advance and you won’t have panic attacks a month before the event!

1. The Budget

Have Clarity, Allocate It Wisely And Realistically! Or Else…


2. Decide On The Number of Joras To Take Along!

Make Sure You Don’t Go To Shopping Without A Plan!



3. The Wedding Dress

It Takes A Few Months To Get The Wedding Dress Made. Make Sure You Leave Enough Room To Get The Alterations Done, If Prompted. Or Else…



4. The Susrali Trends

Learn In Advance The Trends They Follow And Try Accepting Them If Not Following To Avoid Any Awkward Moment During The Event.


5. Pehnoniyan/ Gifts

Learn The Susrali Trends Of Exchanging Gifts To Save Yourself And Your Family From Embarrassment.



6. How Earlier To Join The Gym

Aiming For Size Zero? There is No Two- Day Challenge! Plan In Advance And Start Off With A Fitness Regime At Least 6 Months Prior You Wedding!


7. When To Start With The Beauty Regimen

You Get Fair In 15 Minutes Only In Commercials, In Real Life, It Takes A Significant Amount Of Time To Make Your Skin Glow And Appear Healthy!


8. When To Start Taking Cooking Classes

A Crash Course Won’t Make You A Masterchef, Start Cooking On And Off And Learn From The Best… Your MOM!



9. Beauty Parlor

Advance Bookings Will Save You Loads Of Money And Guarantee You An Appointment!


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