9 Words That Only Lahoris Use & Understand

Slang words are the colors to a language. They add spice and variation in a speech but also make it a bit more casual and borderline disrespectful.

These days, the younger generation’s speech is riddled with these “slang words” and contribute, slightly, to the deterioration of the language itself.

Most of the words are easily understandable since they are easily adaptable and often used in different forms in the media. Apart from that, the words have cultural roots which makes them easily understandable and easy to use.

Here’s a list of a few slang words that Lahoris use in their daily lives!

1. X maara hai usne aaj bohat

2. Golibaaz

3. Thud karadi

4. Daasti kaam kero ye

5. Anni Machadi

6. Chand

7. Meter ghum gaya

8. Miss karao

9. Shahzada

No matter what, slangs are here to stay and they’re always going to be subjected to changes as they are to criticism. It is often debated that this is exactly the way how languages evolve.

Let’s see where does the evolution of Urdu will take us.

What’s your favorite slang word? Tell us in the comments!

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