9 Signs That Ruhain (Spirits) Are Wandering Around You!

9 Signs That Ruhain

Signs That Prove There Is A Ghost Around You / A Dead Person Is trying to make a contact with you…

1. Twitching and blowing out light-bulbs

It’s a known belief that spirits want to make you aware of their presence, hence the twitching bulbs.


2. Changes in temperature

It may be described as a cold chill through the body that can give us goosebumps when we unconsciously think of the presence of spiritual beings close by.


3. Sounds and music

Sometimes hearing noises that no one else around you can hear is also claimed to be a sign that loved ones from the afterlife are trying to make contact.


4. Clocks stopping

We notice a clock has stopped when they have been showing the same time for the past couple of minutes. If the time reminds you of a deceased person, perhaps the time they died, or the time you received the news of their demise, you are being visited.


5. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are very popular in Asia, and its a very popular belief that the soothing sounds produced by the chimes can attract ghosts to drop by and perhaps lounge at your house. This is because they can call up the dead. So next time your wind chime moves without any wind…. you know who it is!


6. Children seeing the deceased

 There must be many of such instances when children say something about a person who passed away long before and they’ve never met them, which makes you wonder how can they know something like that when they’ve never met them. Yet another belief that children can see spirits. the-sixth-sense-1

7. Shadows out of the corner of your eye

Happens quite alot that you see a figure from the corner of your eyes and as soon as your turn there’s nothing there. Sends chills down your spine, everytime!


8. Dreams and visions

They might be vivid and comforting or they might be horrifying and disturbing. However, they all carry a twisted message that does not make sense and is open to interpretation.

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9. Telepathic thoughts

We all cant be Jean from X men and have telepathic thoughts but if you are hearing your voice in your head speaking words that are not your thoughts, you are probably hearing what a spirit is trying to tell you.

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