9 Signs She Is Going To ‘Bro-Zone’ You Soon!

Some girls… they ‘Bro-Zone’ their guy friends in seconds…

1. You Are Her Driver, Her Back-Up Friend, Her Cover Up And Her B*tch!

She basically takes advantage of that fact that you make her a priority and uses you when no one else is available. She knows you’ll willing take the fall for her


2. No Matter What The Situation – It Always Ends Up Being Your Fault And You End Up Apologizing

Your gut tells you she will very easily cut off ties with you and not care so you make the effort and ‘let it gooo’ just about every time!



3. You’re Her Sympathy Boost

The one that will make her feel better about almost anything. Compliments, cheering up whatever it takes and once that’s done – she’s off making it up to her boyfriend when he was the jerk that got her upset in the first place


4. Everything Is And Always Should Be, About Her

Try asking if she remembers anything about you that you shared with her. We’d be shocked if she remembers . . . IF!



5. You Are Not A Priority

When confronted – you are bombarded with excuses like “Oh, I forgot” and “I’m so sorry . . .I was tired” but had it been you who ignored her – all hell would break lose. She’s even willing to ditch you at the slightest of incentive even if you cancelled your plans to hang with her


6. She Gives You Mixed Signals

Just enough to keep you involved and right when youre about to make something of the signs, she bashes your hopes against the wall like a broken skull and ‘friend zones’ you but of course – you are her “best friend”


7. She Expects You To Listen To All Her Problems And Provide Solutions But Your Problems Are Always ‘Insignificant’ And ‘Self-Made’

This is one of the easiest signs to spot. A true friend will always pay attention to what you find important regardless of how stupid it may seem to them


8. She Assumes You Will Always Be There Without Giving Any Importance To Your Preferences

But when you need her . . .


9. The Fact That You Are Reading This And Felt The Need To Open This Link Is Proof Enough

Trust. Your. Instincts.



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