9 Hilarious Things You Didn’t Know Happened At The Gaddafi Stadium

Finally, after 6 years Pakistan hosted an international cricket match at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore but there were a few things that the camera never showed. Find out… (Fun intended)

1. When Lala Encountered Mr. Mamnoon!

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Image Source: geo.tv

2. Mr. Mamnoon Hussain’s Entry Badly Shocked The Zimbabweans!

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3. Fans Rejoiced Like Never Before!

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4.  The Pakistani Beauty Made Indians Forget IPL For Good!

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Image Source: Twitter

5. Even The Celebrities Showed Up To Show Their Support!

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Image Source: Twitter


Image Source: cricexite.com

6. Hadiqa Gave Crash Selfie Lessons To The Girls!

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Source: Twitter

7. Even Wasim Bhai And Gori Bhabhi Supported The Team!

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Image Source: Twitter

8. We Gave Them The Level Of Respect They Deserved

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Image Source: Tribune

9. Here’s Why Shoaib Malik Failed To Perform Well Last Night…

Source: cricexite.com

Source: cricexite.com

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