9 Reasons Why Pakistanis Celebrate Halloween

31st Oct is here again and we see those pumpkins and Dracula costumes on Facebook. While many debate that this culture shouldn’t be introduced in Pakistan, others are all set to celebrate the event. Here are some of the reasons why some Pakistanis want to celebrate Halloween.

1. To Break The Monotony

Let’s face it, we don’t have too many opportunities to entertain ourselves!


2. You Want To Party With Your Mates

and you need an excuse, any excuse …


3. You Have Costumes To Show Off

All those clothes you regret buying, you can wear them now.

Women wearing heavy gold jewelry (11)

4. You Are Creative

You want to show off your stitching and other skills .


5. You Want To Show Off Your Burgerness

Look at me, I am an angraiz , yeeeaahhhh


6. You Are A Horror Film Fan

You like the thrill of watching horror movies late at night


7. Valentines Is Not For You



8. Your Parents Don’t Allow You To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Astaghfirullah, they would say… Since they don’t know much about Halloween, you can make up a story and celebrate it…


9. Don’t Leave Autumn Out

Spring has Valentines and Basant , Winter has new year, Summer has summer vacations! Why should we leave Autumn out?





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