9 Reasons Why Every Man and Woman Should Learn How To Cook!

Cooking is for women only? Think again

Since the last few decades we have been hearing about cooking in a very negative way. It’s been mentioned as a useless and easy skill. It’s also being used as an abusive word against women. We all know the tussle between gol roti and Lady Doctors. The misogynist and feminist both played a role to sabotage its perception. Let’s delete our already perceived notion and look at it in a new way.

1-Cooking for survival

Cooking is one of survival skills.Cavemen learnt it from nature and it was always man’s job to feed his family.

2-Cooking ties with tough sports

Anyone with a passion for camping, mountains climbing or hunting knows how to cook. None can survive in middle of jungle without this skill.


3-Cooking for independent life

People who have to  live very away from the comfort of their  homes have to learn it . A man is a great Cook ? It means he is living away from his mommy.

Handsome man cooking at home preparing salad in kitchen.

4-Complete men are great cooks

Here is a thing , a man who loves tough sports , living an independent life ,having great hobbies like cooking , isn’t this complete recipe for a perfect gentleman ? One more thing , he will not marry to eat properly cooked meals , he has other reasons to marry a woman.


5-A great hobby

Is it not?


6-A host’s pride

Hospitality is one of great traditions .It is reminiscent of great Civilizations we came from. We are proud Punjabi ,Sindhi and Pkhtoons whose Dastarkhwans are so generous and welcoming . We are not complete without our great cooking.


7-Cooking as Niche

Cooking does not make men feminine rather they look more masculine in their own way.


8-Cooking saves self esteem

One last thing, people who can cook don’t have to beg. They are self sufficient


9-A recipe for quality marriage

Couples who cook have more time for each other .They bring different flavors and cultures to their table .They are better teams when life throws random things at them . When husband lose his job and need an extra hand or when wife get pregnant and needs help.


Conclusion: Next time when someone asks you ‘ Roti banana aati hai? Say ‘yes’ proudly, may you be a girl or a guy.


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